Mission, Vision, Core Values


The vision of the Department of Dental Sciences is to produce oral health care providers with a holistic approach to health care and management of patients with oral diseases. To be a leading center of excellence for research, teaching and provision of quality oral health care to the community.


The overall mission of the Faculty of Dental Sciences is to train high caliber oral health professionals, carry out creative, innovative and inventive research in oral health, practice and international standards in evidence based oral health care provision to develop appropriate technology for unique oral health challenges in the region and beat the forefront of oral health policy formulation and implementation.

Teaching Mission

The teaching mission is to equip students with the skills of critical thinking, thorough articulation of expression and to live and learn independently. The Faculty of Dental Sciences prepares students thoroughly for professional qualifications and careers. The quality and standards of the course, like all other courses in the University of Nairobi, are controlled by the Senate. The students on qualifications are recognized by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMP & DB) for purposes of registration locally. This subject to one year or mandatory internship.


  1. We endeavor to develop and maintain ethical and professional behavior.
  2. We promote the values of truth, integrity, honesty, tolerance and accountability.
  3. We strive to treat all with respect, equity and dignity.
  4. We pursue a global perspective and experience in all our activities.
  5. Excellence in original and clinical practice.
  6. We promote capacity building and individual development among the staff.
  7. We influence through research and advocacy the National Health Policy in-order to effect change on oral health issues.
  8. Promote sensitivity and responsiveness to social needs.
  9. We promote meritocracy and teamwork in research and practice.