Dr. Hudson Alumera Consultant Clinic (Consultant Clinic 5).

This is a new consultant clinic installed with surgery equipment worth one million shillings, funded by the BDS 2006 alumni and contributions from academic staff members.

The clinic is named Dr Hudson Alumera Consultant Clinic (Consultant Clinic 5) in memory of the late Dr Alumera who was an alumnus and lecturer in the Department.

The clinic is dedicated to world-class postgraduate teaching in Prosthodontics and Implantology.

Departmental Library

The library opens from 8AM to 5PM daily, as from Monday to Friday. It supports both the undergraduate and the post graduate students. I t shares the same room with the Departmental ICT Section and is headed by Mr. Ernest Makinah.

Teaching Venues

The Department have various thematic units which in turn have Clinics namely the Pediatric Clinic, Conservative dentistry clinic and Pros clinic e.t.c. The areas have trained nurses and Technicians who assist the students during their studies

Dental Plaza

The Dental Plaza provides its customers with general dental maintenance as well as a variety of cosmetic enhancements.

The University Dental Plaza established in 2010 by the Department of Dental Sciences, has successfully positioned itself as an Oral Healthcare provider of choice for many Kenyans drawn from all walks of life.

The Dental Plaza is designed to be a one stop comprehensive dental treatment facility that is accessible and affordable to all.