Message from HoD

We operate in the midst of rapidly evolving technology and must adjust accordingly if we do not want to find ourselves only relevant in the World that existed yesterday.

I therefore, commit to build on the synergy of energy from the rich pool of academic and non-academic staff as well as our brilliant students and alumni to catapult the Department of Dental Sciences to the highest orbit in academic echelon. Together, our common objective is to deliver on the University of Nairobi mandate of tertiary training, research and community service. In this endeavour we shall be guided by the vision and mission of the University and executed through our commitment as per the annual performance contract.

We shall focus on improving academic and clinical standards so us to satisfy our clients who are undergraduate and post-graduate students together with patients seeking state of the art dental and maxillofacial surgical treatment in our hospital. Our post-graduate training programs have become very competitive in the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa region where we remain ahead of the pack. My vision is to expand these programs so as to maintain our regional leadership position.

I also intend to dedicate my energy to the improvement of physical and social infrastructure as well as staff welfare (human resource) as these are key pillars in our pursuit of excellence. We shall align our implementation strategy to the five transformative agenda of the Vice Chancellor as summarised below:

. Financial reforms – We shall exploit the enormous potential of our University Dental Hospital to generate income especially from patients covered by insurance companies.

. Curriculum reforms – Revision of the curriculums to incorporate more online delivery

. Data reform – To move in conformity with the digital information era and reduce paper trail in the system

. Human resource – Focus on structures that support staff welfare as well as career progression

. Governance reform – We shall operate through various standing committees so as to tap onto the wealth of knowledge and experience in our midst to bring quality as well as promote collective ownership of programs.

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the Department of Dental Sciences of the University of Nairobi. Kindly visit our website for more information about our academic programs and clinical services or contact me through email:

Dr. Walter A. Odhiambo BDS, MDS(OMFS), FRIS

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