University of Nairobi Eye Centre

UoN Eye Clinic.

Professional Service: The University of Nairobi Eye Centre (Eye-Centre) is a professional, flexible, skilled and customer centric provider of general and specialized eye care services.


  1. Cornea and Interior Segment Surgeries
  2. Pediatric Ophthalmology Surgeries
  3. Orbit and Oculoplasty Assessment
  4. Glaucoma Assessment and Treatment
  5. Retina Segment and Assessment
  6. Investigation and related test
  7. Emergency Eye Services

Strategic location: We are within the reach of the city in Upper-Hill area, opposite Nairobi Hospital located within The University of Nairobi, School of Dental Sciences’ compound.

Experienced and well trained staff: No detail will be over-looked as we seek to offer our patients incomparable and affordable eye care services.

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