Access to Up-To-Date database - Evidence based clinical decision support resource


The Library in collaboration with Kenya Libraries and Information Services Consortium (KLISC) has negotiated for a database trial for Medical students to ease access to trusted and credible clinical information resources. The trial will run from 24th August to 30th September 2021.


ClinicalKey database supports clinicians to make informed decisions in health care. The database mainly caters to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, faculty members, and students. The database includes the following resources;

  • Over 1,000 of Elsevier’s medical and surgical reference books,
  • Over 650 of Elsevier’s medical-surgical journals,
  • Procedures consult content and associated procedural videos in various specialties,
  • Over 550 Point-of-Care clinical monographs,
  • Over 2,500 clinical pharmacology drug monographs from Gold standard,
  • Over 17,000 customizable patient education handouts,
  • Clinical Trials databases,
  • Fully indexed MEDLINE,
  • Over 70,000 medical and surgical videos with over 5 million images.

The ClinicalKey database is useful for the following reasons;

  • Assists the clinicians by streamlining access to consistent, evidence-based information,
  • It provides quick answers at the point of care as well as full-text reference material,
  • It supports clinicians and those in training to stay abreast of rapidly expanding clinical knowledge,
  • Helps to quickly confirm diagnosis and treatment information,
  • Helps advance critical thinking skills and research
  • Guide on optimal drug treatment

To access the ClinicalKey database, you are required to register using this link:!/registration which will lead you to the page below: